Kitchen Operations: Maintaining Cleanliness

Upholding a clean and sanitary kitchen reduces the spread of bacteria and pathogens that can cause serious illness to your client’s patrons. To keep kitchen equipment and work spaces at safe levels and reduce the risk of food-borne illness, share the following information with your clients. Even more importantly, ensure their operation is backed by a comprehensive Restaurant Insurance Package.

Work surfaces.

Clean and disinfect work surfaces with sanitizing products. Your employees should be trained to do so frequently. Keep the necessary cleaning products handy so that employees can easily access them.


Demonstrate how to properly use any specialty equipment, such as meat slicers and food processors.  Show staff how to clean and sanitize these tools, which are also considered food-contact surfaces. If items are in constant use, clean and sanitize every four hours, suggests the National Restaurant Association.

Color code equipment.

To better organize a bustling kitchen, your clients can color-coordinate equipment. Use one color to mark utensils that handle poultry, another to handle fish, and a third to use with beef. This can also be a great way to separate tools and equipment used solely for vegetables to reduce the threat of cross-contamination. This way, it will be easier for kitchen staff to clean and sanitize the colors accordingly.

Protective gear and uniforms.

Your clients should enforce safety and protective gear each day, including aprons, hair nets, and gloves. Food handling practices are critical to minimizing the spread of bacteria, so this should be taken seriously. If an item becomes soiled while handling food, it should be replaced with a clean garment immediately. Single-use gloves should be provided in the kitchen, and you should enforce a strict zero-tolerance policy for handling potentially dangerous ingredients without the right protective gear.


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