Total Insurance Solutions for Sports Bars, Taverns & Restaurants

All across the country sports bars are filled with patrons eager to watch Monday night football, March Madness, baseball, hockey, soccer tournaments and the gamut of playoffs every season. Every wall is covered with gigantic flat screens, people are eating and drinking while rooting for their team. Along with all the fun and laughter are real liability risks for sport bar owners, requiring the expertise and experience of an insurance wholesaler that can secure the coverage you need to protect your clients.

That insurance wholesaler is Lionheart Insurance Services.

We provide best-in-class insurance coverage for sports bars and restaurants from A-rated admitted and non-admitted markets with competitive rates.

Our insurance programs will help protect your clients’ investment by reducing their financial risk. We can secure insurance coverage whether your client owns the local sports bar, a small tavern, a wine bar, a high-end martini bar or a large popular nightclub.

Our insurance programs address the exposures sports bar owners and restaurateurs face:

  • General Liability insurance for protection against bodily injury & property damage if a customer is injured in the bar or perimeter areas (such as the parking lot)
  • Liquor Liability to cover property damage or physical injuries caused by patrons who have become intoxicated at the bar
  • Assault and Battery Liability insurance for coverage if a fight breaks out in your client’s establishment and someone is hurt
  • We also offer Property insurance in addition to Equipment Breakdown and Business Interruption.