Get the Support of Lionheart’s Wholesale Nightclubs/Adult Clubs Insurance Solutions

There are approximately 20,000 bars and nightclubs in the country, and Lionheart Insurance Services is poised to help you establish or expand your insurance footprint in this niche. We have access to markets from A-rated admitted and non-admitted markets with competitive rates to assist you in protecting your insureds and future clients.

Our superior Liability & Property insurance coverage is specifically designed for nightclubs and adult clubs.

For example, most carriers provide limited coverage for assault and battery for risks with 30% or less in liquor receipts. Coverage may be limited to $250,000 or $500,000, which may surely not be enough because of the significant exposure to insureds. In addition, if a client doesn’t have $1 million/$2 million in primary coverage, they are unable to obtain excess insurance. A client looking to purchase a $5 million policy will be unable to do so without the required primary limits. Lionheart can provide both the primary and excess limits needed.

We can provide coverage for all types of risks, from large nightclubs that feature live bands to small, private clubs.