Curbing Liquor Liability Risks in Bars

Whether a big sporting event is approaching or a busy weekend is expected, operating a bar and serving liquor comes with inherent risks. However, bar owners don’t have to stress and leave themselves on the hook for damages resulting from over-serving or accidents. With the right Liquor Liability Insurance, they can curb their responsibility and achieve peace of mind. In addition, sharing the following information with them can help prevent a claim from arising in the first place.

Ask for ID.

This is obvious and should go without saying, but rather than assume a patron is of age in the interest of saving time, take a few moments to verify their ID’s, especially during busy sporting seasons, as college kids and tourists are more common. Remind your clients to train their staff on how to identify a fake ID and how to manage the situation if a fake one is encountered.

Call a cab.

“As with any personal injury case, a dram shop / liquor liability case is based in principles of negligence, which require that people act with ordinary care to protect their own safety and the safety of others,” Andrew Vines, a personal injury plaintiffs’ attorney and partner at Johnson & Vines, PLLC, says. “When this duty of ordinary care is breached and the breach causes injury, the negligent parties can be held liable for damages.”

Calling a taxi for a patron may cost you money, but that’s a small price to pay for the safety of your patrons and the public at large compared to exorbitant lawsuit fees and damages, explains Insureon. If bar managers are unclear whether the intoxicated patron in question has a ride, it’s best to call a ride for them to minimize liability.

Refuse service when necessary.

It’s impossible to know how much alcohol a patron has consumed prior to showing up at the bar, which means it’s up to the staff to determine how coherent they are. If the employees choose to refuse service to them, do it politely. Offer them water and food instead of liquor and ensure all staff members understand how to enforce the refusal of service policy.


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