Gentlemen’s Club Insurance: How to Protect Yourself from Risks

Every industry comes with risks, and proprietors in the industry should ensure that they have proper insurance coverage. The nightlife and adult entertainment industries, in particular, come with their own unique set of liabilities. Today, gentlemen’s clubs profit in the billions each year, and because of this more and more carriers are developing coverage to address the industry’s insurance needs. Not convinced? Here are some of the reasons why Nightclubs/Adult Clubs Insurance is a good idea.

Assault and battery.

One of the biggest risks in nightclubs and adult entertainment venues is assault and battery.  Many carriers provide some coverage for assault and battery, but it varies from carrier to carrier and certain carriers provide very limited coverage. Nightclub & Bar specifies that there are two types of assault liability: patron on patron and agent on the patron. Agent on patron liability cases result in claims taken against the venue, while patron on patron cases often stem from the venue failing to provide proper security measures. It is important to know your coverage, as there is no guarantee that your coverage will protect you from both types of claim. In addition, Adult Clubs insurance will help to protect you from false claims and create a secure environment in your club to prevent potential claims.


As stated in Insurance Journal, the adult entertainment sector is particularly privy to harassment claims stemming from patrons harassing the clubs’ dancers and entertainers. As many employees are dependent on tips from their establishment’s patrons to make a living (and feel bound to following the mantra “the customer is always right”), it can be difficult for them to come forward with their claims. By having a specially-tailored Adult Club insurance policy, you can ensure that your establishment is protected from harassing patrons.

Liquor liability.

As is the case with any establishment that offers alcoholic beverages, it is important to address potential issues and ensure that your staff members have a proper understanding of liquor liability. Drunk driving is one of the largest issues facing nightlife establishments, and can devastate your business’s finances and reputation. It is imperative that you establish proper protocols with your team to prevent over-serving and potentially dangerous situations from your business’s patrons, and ensure that your coverage will adequately protect you.

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